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HelloYoYo Summer Camp Expo

Saturday, April 6, 2019

What a success! The turn out of visitors was great! There where many parents who showed interest for their children in STEM education and in the Summer Camp programs we have to offer this year.

The kids also enjoyed building some simple Lego Mechanics on our play table. Others loved watching the mini 3D printers work!

We held a little challenge for visitors to see who can guess the print time and weight of our giant 3D printed Pikachu!

So our Pikachu took 96 hours and 53 minutes to print and weighed a total of 433g

Our closest guess was from Owen Zhang with the closest guess of 74 hours and 4 mins, winning the first prize of $100 store credit! His guess of 467 g was not far off either! The two runner ups are Luana with a guess of 50 hours and Harper with a guess of 130 hours and 25 min. They will receive $50 store credit each.

We will contact winners this coming week!



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