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PA Day Camp

September 23, 2019 - PA DAY EVENT

Happy Moon Festival

Day Camp Theme: The campers will learn how to use mechanical tools. They will use 3D technology with mechanical tools to create unique Moon Festival themed models. The projects include wood working, crafted lanterns, 3D printed moon cakes, and other activities related to the Moon Festival.


9:00-10:00     Introduction to mechanical tools and 3D technology, as well as the origin and
                        significance of the Moon Festival
10:00-10:15   Snack Time
10:15-12:00   Campers use their creativity to design their own Moon Festival model         12:00-13:00  Lunch
13:00-14:30   Continue unfinished Moon Festival models
14:30-15:00   Snack Time
15:00-16:00   Presentation

Moon Festival PA Day Event Fee: $70/child (All Materials and Lunch included)

Parents are Welcome. $5/parent (Lunch)

Registration Line: 647-879 1509 or



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