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Skilled Craftskid (6-14 years)

We use the Project-based Learning method to let kids learn the application and operation of the machine tools; they will fully experience the joy of being creative by using their hands and thinking. Kids will learn how to work with wood and assemble small projects, then use the model and incorporate batteries and motors to animate their projects and they can continue to add more electronics to change the behavior of the models. In the process of creation, students will explore the principle, design and build creatively, experience the changes brought by mechanical manufacturing to our lives. Here is where dreams come true.


Intelligent Exhibition Hall, Sound and Light Stage, Tables and Chairs, Wooden Combs, Cars, Sailboats, Pumpkin Carriages……

Fun Electronics (8-14 years)

Everything starts from Electronics. These Projects will guide kids to learn electronics and circuits knowledge, teach them basic programming, and how to use the Arduino microcontroller by fully engaging with everyday appliances and exploring its principles. The children will experience how science and technology Impacts our everyday life, obtain hands-on skills, cultivate teamwork spirit, and develop a creative thinking mindset. They will learn through games and exploration which will enable them to learn happily and grow through collaboration.


Drone Aircraft, Smart LED, Virtual Pet, Sound Control Lights, Supermarket Anti-theft System, Bus Card Machine, Four-person Voter, Remote Control Car......

Robotics (7-15 years)

Robots and Automation! Your robot comes alive! Kids will learn how to build and program their very first robots. They will learn the basic blocks of robotics such as motor control and digital logic. They will build a line following program and learn how to debug the robot when it does not work as expected. Younger kids will learn how to make a dancing robot, while older kids can have their robots compete in a sumo competition. Kids will learn integrated robotics knowledge such as mechatronics concepts, programming, mechanical structure, and develop their logical thinking, spatial imagination, teamwork, and leadership abilities through immersive training.


Dancing Robot, Light-sensitive Robot, Rescue Robot, Soccer Robot, Carrying Robot, Fighting Robot……

Programming (6-15 years)

Children will learn to use Color Coding, Scratch, mBlock, Java, C++, Python and other programming languages to design their own games, animations, and other projects. This enables children to master basic programming ideas, then progress to more advanced understanding developing the mathematics logic analysis ability and computer skills. Computer games have opened up our imagination world and brought us together through the internet. Coding and programming are also full of creativity, from music, stories, art to clever coding. So we are hooked on programming, hoping to control those imaginary worlds from their appearance, sound and feel. Join us to design and build your own future world.


Cat and Mouse, Dancing Sprites, Painting Sprites, Balloon Pop, Jumpy Monkey, Dog's Dinner, Guess the Number, Who is Spy, or Build your own app and website…



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