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STEMKid Maker Club

A "maker" is a person who points to interest and tries to turn ideas into reality.

Our ancestors were “makers” when they first made the stone into a stone axe. Every era, and every field is full of makers, from tailors, carpenters, a water pipe brother, to a DIY computer business tycoon. Everyone has the potential to create and be a “MAKER”.

STEMKid Maker Club is committed to transforming interesting projects inspired by everyday life into easy-to-understand content and products to share with children. STEMKid inspires children’s creative enthusiasm; lets more children do it, encourages children to take action, become more knowledgeable and skills in hobbies, and generate more ideas and works. We let children experience the charm of digital intelligence and cultivate innovative ability. We believe that there have always been select groups who like to start making since ancient times, whether it is a stone axe, a hammer, or a modern machine tool, 3D printer, open source hardware, AI. Join us and be a happy self-created, intelligent HANDY MAN!

Robotic Completion Team

  • Age: Grades 4-9
  • Team Size: Up to 10 Young Minds + Coach
  • Hardware: Only LEGO
  • Characteristics:
    • Full Autonomous
    • 3 Presentations including Research and Project, Core Value and Robot Design

APAR Contest

The Asia-Pacific Adolescent Robot Contest (APAR) was launched by the Asia-Pacific Adolescent Robot Association in 2013. The APAR regional selection season is held from March to June each year. The outstanding players in the regional selection competition can advance to the APAR domestic contest in July. They will be awarded the “Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Gold Medal”, and will be recommended to participate in the research of the “Little Academician” of the Chinese Academy of Juvenile Sciences. APAR International Contest will be held in December in other countries.

  • Age: JK – Grades 9
  • Team Size: Up to 5 Young Minds + Coach / each contest
  • Hardware: YLW
  • Characteristics:
    • Full Autonomous
    • Maker Contest, Robotic Contest, Junior Creative Architecture Competition
    • 3 Presentations including Research and Project, Core Value and Robot Design



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